Relive your big moment, on demand. Videos tell a bigger story than just photos alone. We capture every single little detail of the best day of your life. It will all be a blur when it’s happening, so capture it on video and don’t miss a thing.

Why should I get video and photos?


Photos are a beautiful way to capture your event, but with video you get so much more. Imagine the difference between an illustrated children’s book and a blockbuster movie. They’re both good on their own, but the movie tells a more complete, immersive story. And for your wedding, you’re going to want to relive this day over and over again with friends, family and loved ones for years to come.

How long will it take to get my video?


Typically 8 weeks.


Do you capture audio?


We do! Our videos capture the complete essence of your wedding, so that includes sounds as well as sights! From your vows to your friends’ well wishes and everything in between, we capture it all on video.

How many hours should I book a videographer for?

Each of our packages provides a certain amount of hours of videography. How many you want to book is totally up to you! It depends on how much of the event you want to cover, and how long each portion of the big day will take. Honestly, we recommend booking for the whole day. Looking back on it later, you won’t want to miss a single moment, from the bride getting ready in the morning to your cousins’ sick moves on the reception dance floor.

“I thought I had done all my crying on our actual wedding day, but when I got our wedding video from Addison Olivia, I started bawling all over again! It was so beautiful and helped me relive the best day of my life. I’m obsessed!”

Emily H.


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