Perfect for scrapbooks, bulletin boards and instagrams, photobooths are the perfect addition to any wedding or event. Add props and signs to let loose and capture the fun of your big day!


Do you print the photostrips out right away?

Yes! You will get the prints right after your mini photoshoot! We also can save digital copies and include them in your package.

How many photos can you take?

As many as you want! Photostrips print out in batches of 4 photos, but your group can come back for as many sessions as you want!

How many people can fit in a photo?

We do what’s called “open air photobooths.” That means you don’t have to squeeze into a tiny little booth. Instead, there’s a backdrop that up to 15 people can stand in front of.

“Me and my husband wanted a fun way to celebrate with our friends and to give our guests a souvenir of the event, so we hired a photo booth. It was so fun! It was like prom all over again. We had silly props and the photo strips printed right out–super fast. It was so fun!”

Michelle O.


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