If you’re a loving pet parent, you know important your dog (or dogs!) are in your life, and how much you want to include them in your big day. You’re not alone! More and more, people have been incorporating their furry friends into their nuptials, one way or another!

We came up with a handy guide for our brides and grooms with everything you need to know about including your dog in your wedding photos.

How To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding Photos

Here’s a list of ideas of ways you can bring Fido into your photos!

  • Invite your pup into your engagement photos or let them announce the date with cute signs they can wear (perfect for a save the date!)
  • No little nephew or niece to act as ring bearer or flower girl? Trust us, your dog is the perfect animal for the job! Can you imagine how cute they would be prancing down the aisle? The photographers won’t be the only ones snapping pics of that! It’ll be all over everyone’s snapchat.

  • Take your pup paw in hand! Everyone knows that classic hand-holding photo. Add a little fun to the romance by including Rover’s paw. Hey, he’s part of this union too!
  • Go full on portrait style with Spot! Just like the bride and groom, your doggo deserves some time to shine. Have your photographer set aside some time for a portrait session with your dog in their glamorous wedding day attire.

What To Remember  and Consider When Planning

Your Pet’s Personality

You might have the perfect role all planned out for your furry friend, but have you stopped to consider how they might feel about it?

Is your pup a bit of a ham who loves the spotlight? Then go ahead and include them in your wedding’s prime time. But what if they’re shy or don’t like loud noises? Maybe a more private role is better for them. Not only is it important for your animal to be happy and comfortable, but you don’t want to have to deal with any pet meltdowns on your big day!

The Venue’s Rules

We firmly believe that dogs should be allowed all places at all time. We just love them so much! But unfortunately, and sometimes with good reason, some venues don’t agree with us. Before you get yourself all excited about having your doggo be the ring bearer, check with the venue first to see if they allow pets.

If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. You can still include them in your engagement photos or before the ceremony!

Your Puppy’s Safety!

This is the most important thing! When you’re dressing Rover up for their time to shine make sure his or her outfit fits well and won’t come off, make them trip, or even choke them. And of course, if they’ll be around for the ceremony and reception, check to see if any of the flowers you’ve ordered are toxic to pups.

Your Guests’ Health

Not everyone is a dog-lover, and that’s something you have to consider when choosing whether or not to include your doggy darling in your wedding day. If Great Aunt Eunice is deathly allergic to dander, you have to weigh your options. At the very least, let your guests know Fido will be participating in the ceremony and to reach out if that presents any concerns.

Ready To Start Planning Your Dog Of Honor?

There are so many fun and creative ways to include your four-legged best friend in your wedding and engagement photos. Be creative, work with what they bring to the table, and most importantly–have fun!