Wedding binders are like a classic rite of passage for brides-to-be. But more and more, we’re seeing brides who plan their almost entirely on their phone or on their community. We put together a list of the four best free apps to help you plan your wedding.

Inspiration: Pinterest

The first app you probably think of when planning a wedding in Pinterest. I mean, who doesn’t have a pinterest board? Even us perpetual singles have pinterest boards filled with flower crowns and engagement rings. Millennial brides just love Pinterest!

Pinterest is most used for inspiration. Floral arrangements, dress designs, hair styles and makeup inspiration can all be found in abundance on Pinterest. The hottest styles and creative ideas are all over this amazing crowd-sourced site, and you can take inspiration from other brides who have pre-made boards. Plus, it’s an easy way to organize your thoughts and goals for the big day!

When you meet your vendors and have to explain to them exactly what you want, it’s easy to just pull up your Pinterest and show them!

WeddingHappy Wedding Planner

WeddingHappy is a do-it-all planner with a super cute name. Plan out and segment every task you need to do from finding florists to cake tastings. Sync events and appointments to your calendar and link up contacts with your phone’s address.

Another super awesome aspect of WeddingHappy? It has an awesome payment tracking function. Keep all of your vendors and bills in one, easy to organize, place. When you input all your costs, the app automatically adjusts your balance, cost per guest, and the budget you have left. That way you (hopefully) won’t go over budget!

Crowd-Sourced Photos: Veri

For the past couple years, every wedding we’ve been invited to has an instagram hashtag. They’re usually weird versions of the groom’s last name and some version of “happily ever after.” Ideally, it’s a great way to see everyone’s photos from your wedding if you track the hashtag.

But not everyone has instagram, not everyone will remember to use your hashtag, and not everyone will want to post a million photos of your wedding to their feed (weird right??). That’s where Veri comes in. Veri lets you and your guests upload photos in real time to a shared album that everyone can see and contribute to. It automatically compiles the photos and lets you and your guests scroll through all the snaps from your big day!

Getting Shit Done: Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit isn’t specifically a wedding app, but it’s an incredibly useful organization app. You can outsource tasks to verified people in your area. Need someone to pick up your flower arrangements or do some research into local DJs? TaskRabbit helps you get it down. Cross things off your list without leaving your desk.

Getting married is amazing. Planning a wedding is amazingly stressful. Using these apps can help get everything in order and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

You know what else helps with stress? Knowing that you and your photographer are a perfect match. That’s where we come in. Chat with us today!